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Bring your project to life with alttantire digital solutions. Combine your ideas with designs. Get service with flexible software and advanced software technologies.

The best solution is the one special for you.

We want the best for our customers, our every project is unique and it aims to be the most efficient for our customers.


We combine creative designs with the new technologies.

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With our solutions in Back-End, we build and complete your projects.

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Front-End Solutions

With the Front-End technologies we use in the development stages, we produce well-equipped and modern projects. Moreover, we customize the projects according to the customers requests.

We base on ReactJs and its libraries for user interfaces.
For mobile applications, we code via React-Native to have dual-platform (iOS & Android) support.
NextJs & GatsbyJs
We use React-based NextJs for flexible needs, GatsbyJs for static requests.
Bootstrap & Tailwind
CSS library preference is made according to the format of the project, between Bootsrap or Tailwindcss.
With pure JavaScript infrastructure, we properly fulfil your Front-End needs.
Your interface designs are made via Figma and actualized with our other technologies.
Walnut card tray with white powder coated steel divider and 3 punchout holes.Top down view of walnut card tray with embedded magnets and card groove.Side of walnut card tray with card groove and recessed card area.Walnut card tray filled with cards and card angled in dedicated groove.

Back-End Solutions

We produce e-commerce, payment, web and system management software programs for your businesses.


Php, Opencart

Payment Integration


Web & Mobile Software

CMS, PWA, Mobile App

System Management


Who we are?

Alttantire Development

We succeed in major projects with new technology services. Our projects have become profitable in many aspects.

Alttantire Founded

Founded to offer services in a corporate way and provide everlasting support for the needs of the customers.